Helping Military Spouses Embrace their Identity

We seek, through the wisdom of the Enneagram-an ancient personality typing system-to guide military spouses toward presence, discovery, and growth in learning about who they are and the great potential they have to thrive and flourish in all their roles.

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What is this Guru stuff all about?

With decades of military spouse life between them, Claire and Kellie have a thing or two to share about this life.

Military spouses face very specific challenges while supporting our service members and living a nomadic lifestyle: ongoing stress, misunderstood identity, un- and under-employment, and relationship turnover all take a toll on our emotional well-being.

We struggle with mounting pressures to overcome all of these challenges with grit and resilience, because that’s what’s been laid before us. But who are we, really?

Having it all, and doing it all “well” is complicated, hard, and exhausting. No one of us has all the answers, but collectively we may figure a few things out. Collectively, we can all become our own gurus.

With the help of the some profound tools like the Enneagram, a supportive community, and possibly a joke here and there, Milspo Gurus can help you navigate this these hardships with a heightened sense of self-awareness, confidence, and focus.

We promise to help you know yourself better and to guide you toward your own path of self-discovery. We’ll be walking down the same path right there beside you!

We promise
to help you become your own guru. We certainly don’t want to be that for you, rather we want to convene with an entire community of self-proclaimed sages. You already have everything you need inside you.


We're in this together, and together we'll thrive.